Monday, November 14, 2011

“Schmitzler's People”. DSH, January 2012

Tomasz Fedor/

„Bo jak krownyj Poliak, to chocz to odno, a choczet’sia tam po pol’s’ky pohoworyty. A, nu, porozmowliaty. Ja tak ja pidu na bazar, abo toj Poliaczky, Poliaky mene pobaczut i wże usmichajutsia. Wże ja do nych. Uże my howorym, wże obnimajemsia. Aha, i cilujemsia. I liubow.”

“When there is Polish blood in the family, even if one [parent] only, there is a need to speak Polish. Well, to talk. When I go to the market, or Poles see me, they smile immediately. I smile at them. And we talk, we hug each other. Oh, and we kiss. And it’s love.

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