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Burmistrz m. Śniatyna

Julian Kosiński, Stefania Kosińska née Myślik with Mieczysław (Mietek) and Marian (Janek)

<<Bürgermeister, the mayor—Kosiński. And he had two children—one of them was my age and the other one was older. And we used to go every winter with the… he had two horses—ski. Ski and kulig! Pani wie co to jest kulig? Mizchelet…>>

<<Julian Kosiński, the son of Alexander, was born November 2, 1873 in Głuszków near Horodenka, into a large peasant family. After graduating from schools in Horodenka and the Pedagogical High School in Stanisławów, he became a teacher in the public school in Śniatyn. In 1921 he married Stefania Myślik, also a teacher. He was working as a teacher, and since 1935 as a headmaster of a new school in Bałki, the suburbs of Śniatyn, until his retirement. He was active in the Gymnastic Society "Sokół" [falcon] and the Dom Ludowy association since 1895. Because of his openness and warm-hearted attitude towards all inhabitants of Śniatyn, regardless of their nationality, political views or religion, as well as his community involvement in the town, he was liked and respected. In 1937 Kosiński was elected Śniatyn mayor by the city council. He was the acting mayor until the Soviet army entered Śniatyn in September 1939. Ill and deeply distressed by the course of events, he died January 18, 1942. He is buried in the Śniatyn cemetery, in the first alley, behind a chapel.>>
Biographical note by Mieczysław Kosiński

<<Julian Kosiński, the last mayor of Śniatyn in the independent Poland. A man with a great sense of responsibility and social justice. In the nationalistic bulletin "Samoobrona" a caricature depicting him appearedwith a portrait of Stalin in the background, holding a Jew wearing sidelocks and a Ukrainian with a knife between his teeth, and a caption saying 'Our Mayor, the Jewish father and the Ukrainian brother'.>>
Stanisława Rabij-Zawadzka, "Śniatyn: Rys historyczny. Aby nie uległo zapomnieniu", 1984.

Śniatyn, July 16 1939. Photograph by Ignacy Schmitzler

<<Very fine family, I remember them so good. He was a wonderful man. He organized people round the town to bring milk to Śniatyn. He organized them as a cooperative; and he did butter, and cheese, and what remains after cheese... Serwatka, o! You know how many years I didn't hear itserwatka! Ha-ha-ha!

<<He gave us a small house in his area... to stay there. And we always had problems because between us [there were] porzeczki. Kosiński was very angry of that but we told him—'what can we do? We will pay you.' And he said to us: 'Do I need your money?' [laughs]>>

Pictures from the collection of Mieczysław Kosiński

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  1. On the 4thg photo (steps of my family house), middle of the lowest line:my Grandfather, Adolf Myślik, murdered by nazi Germans in death camp Majdanek.